ADA Technology Management (ATM)

Lets Us Build and Maintain Your Cardano Stake Pool

ADA Technology Management (ATM) is a Cardano Stake Pool Provider that has created many pools with great success . Across every pool, ATM has not missed a single slot so all rewards are maximised.

ATM is the first pool dedicated to providing solid and working pools for those unable to do so for themselves.

The World's First
We are the first pool operator to offer a pool set-up with a full maintenance service.

Whether you're holding a large stake and want to maximise returns or start your own project we can help you.


Our first goal is to build you a successful and and fully functioning pool that performs from day one.

Marketing is down to you as we do not get involved in the creative process.

What We Offer

We offer a fully functioning and secure Stake Pool with separate relays

A website is required (but not essential) to run a stake pool and can be arranged for you at an extra cost

Our Stake Pools

We are currently running two stake pools. This is to prove as an example that we can create working pools and have them live within 1 day. So whether you're a whale with a large pledge/delegation (private pools can be set up for this) or if you want to start from scratch we can help with that too.

Ticker - ATM1
Pool ID - 003da6afe37eca8d1bec9a040a51f23eb085c3e1b924948a214067e7
BECH32 Pool ID (for Daedalus) - pool1qq76dtlr0m9g6xlvngzq550j86cgtslphyjffz3pgpn7wazatdc

Ticker - ATM2
Pool ID - 411926ea7159cff212e269e5c021e99880ab3bfb98d086d5c8ba4e3
BECH32 Pool ID (for Daedalus) - pool1gyvjd6n3t88lyyhzd8juqg0fnzq2kwlmnrggd4wghf8r7wndz4v

What is Staking?

In short, Staking is the process of delegating ADA to a stake pool to generate rewards.

The Stake Pool Operator (SPO) has no control over the delegated ADA and the owner/s are free to spend or change pool operators at any time.

The delegators only job is to count the money they are making. If the chosen pool isn't minting enough blocks, they will earn less ADA in return and may want to switch to another pool.

ADAtainment have made a a video that describes it perfectly but if you still have questions, we are always eager to help.

All of our pools are setup on Google Cloud Platform on a Solid State Drive and are running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We are constantly adding relays to all of our cores in order to produce blocks as fast as possible and increase your rewards

No pool we run, has EVER missed a slot to produce a block

We are dedicated to increasing the amount of pools securing the decentralisation of Cardano ADA even further. 

If you have any questions at all, please do contact us and we will get back to you the same day.  Call us on 020 8004 5669 or email us at 

How are we helping the comunity?

The whole network is powered by the nodes of every Stake Pool, making them the backbone to a fully decentralised ecosystem for Cardano.

What We offer

Initial setup, Updates and Maintenance
We provide security on all our servers to minimise and DDOS attacks and other malware that are either to take control of your pool or steal your pledge entirely.

These attacks are not possible with the security, maintenance and monitoring systems we have in place

The only fees required to run the pool are the server costs. These costs can vary depending on the most suitable set up you prefer. Please do get in contact to discuss further.

I would also like to add, rewards added are available online so you can track the progress of your pool.

If you would like us to run your pool for you, please do get in contact;
Email -
Phone - 020 8004 5669

Need a Website?

Why does my pool need a website?
It is best practice to have an up and running website detailing all the information about your pool. To prevent spoofing of your pool, it is highly recommended to have your Pool ID clearly visible so it can be confirmed by the delegator that it is legitimate

Website Can Be Provided
We work closely with a third party web designer so a website can be provided at an extra charge.

The details are;
5GB Bandwidth
Basic SEO Services
Connect Your Own Domain
2 Hours Support per Month
Website Analytics
5 Web Pages
Price - £249 one off payment and £40pcm so