Free Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

Do you want your own NFT on the Cardano blockchain? We can create an NFT for you with your chosen name and image, from there on, it is yours forever.

ATM1 offers this as a service and is completely free to delegators with a stake of 10,000 ADA or more

How to Claim your Free NFT

If you have an active delegated stake of 10,000 ADA or more with ATM1, then reach out us reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or email [email protected] to claim your NFT.

Minting of NFTs is limited to one per delegator.  If you would like us to mint a series of tokens, this would be at an extra cost.

All we require to make your token is;

  • The image for the token.  This the image that will be attached to the token via metadata.
  • What would you like to call the token.  The name will make up part of the policy ID.  This can be any name you choose from a private joke to your cats name; however, It must be all one word and have no special characters.
  • The Cardano wallet address.  This must be a shelley wallet address with over 10,000 ADA delegated to ATM1.  It will start with “addr”

Your NFT will be unique, there will be no other token like this in existence.

You can reach out to us in any way that suits you best; for Twitter to email.  Get in contact to claim your free token.

This will be on offer while it is out of reach for end-users without the relevant technical ability.  We hope one day this will be an easy process for all but we will keep it available while we wait.

We are also available to answer any questions you have.