Free Services to Delegators

As a delegator to ATM1, we are at your service. We have a growing range of services to delegators. Some services require a minimum amount of stake due to the work involved but others have no minimum.

What Services are Free to Delegators?

Are you looking for added value form your stake pool provider? ATM Stake Pool is the only pool offering a range of services free to delegators.

 We’re constantly working to increase our range of services and so far include;

  1.  Native Tokens – Free to all delegators, we will mint you a token with your chosen name and number in circulation
  2. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) – Free to delegators with 10,000 ADA or more.  We will mint you an NFT with your chosen image and name.
  3. Stake Pool Setup and Maintenance – Free to delegators of 1m ADA or more.  We will build your stake pool and maintenance and updates will continue while you are delegated to ATM1.
These services will be on offer while it is out of reach for end-users without the relevant technical ability.  

We don’t limit our free services to what is listed.  We are at your service and will help you in any way we can.

You can reach out to us in any way that suits you best; please click one of the icons below