Stake Pool Service

Would you like to run your own stake pool but lack the technical skills?

We are the only stake pool operator to offer 'Stake Pool as a Service' (SPaaS) free to delegators. All updates and maintenance is included while you are an active delegator. This is for the service only as server and website costs are not included.

What You Get

Each node consists of a dual core, 16Gb server with 200Gb memory and a static IP address.

There are 3 active nodes in total, 1 Block Producing (BP) node and 2 relays.  A backup of your BP is also created and kept offline.  More relays can be added.

All servers are behind the appropriate firewall and private keys are encrypted and kept offline.  Keys can be securely mailed worldwide. 

At he beginning of every epoch, you will be notified as to how many slots you have been assigned.

We carry out all maintenance and updates with minimal downtime.

Your privacy is important to us and no information is disclosed to any third party.

For us to set up the pool and maintain it, we require a minimum of 1m ADA actively staked to ATM1.